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A commercial establishment, besides holding valuable assets is also a storehouse of critical data and information that if compromised can threaten the very existence of the organization. In fact, today we find that break-ins, theft and invasions are quite commonplace in businesses with a weak security infrastructure. If you don’t want to join the list, then you need to make sure you take the necessary measures to protect your property against looming security threats. If you don’t know how, just ask Locksmith Service Washington DC – a leading commercial locksmith store in Washington, DC area that has widespread experience in helping commercial establishments experience greater security through its advanced locking solutions and other measures.

Maximize your business security today:

Why, you ask? If you think your current security is okay because you’ve never experienced a theft or break-in yet, then it doesn’t mean it never will happen! Don’t just assume that your security is as per standards; rather get it confirmed by a professional locksmith. Hire us, and we’ll conduct a complete survey of your property, identify the missing links in your business security and recommend the appropriate solutions.

We have a solution for every business:

Be it a small clothing shop or a large office building housing hundreds of employees, our commercial locksmith store can accommodate the needs of any establishment. All our locksmiths possess in-depth technical knowledge of locksmithing and we arm them with the latest tools and equipment that allows them to come up with a customized plan for your business.

What services do we provide?

You might believe that a commercial locksmith store offers a limited range of services, restricted merely to key making or lock repairs, but in reality, we have a lot more on offer. Need security advice? We offer it! Want an emergency lockout solution? We can handle it! Want someone to install locks overnight? We’ll do it.

Here’s a look at the comprehensive array of services we offer:

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  • Safe installation/unlock service
  • Panic bars installation
  • Recommendation and installation of advanced locks
  • Designing hierarchical master key system
  • Setting up electronic/digital locks
  • Installation of magnetic locks
  • Repair of locks/replacements
  • Installation of sturdy doors, security grilles etc
  • Immediate assistance during office lockouts

And more!

Need a new key made? Want a smart lock installed? Whatever you need, you’ll find it at our commercial locksmith store. So, contact us at 202-715-1348 today!