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The professional locksmiths at Locksmith Service Washington DC have helped local business in the Washington area shore up their security for years. From advanced locking methods such as electronic key pad systems for their offices, to the more standard lock and key, we’ve provided a satisfactory level of property-control to our client list of business owners. To help with response times, Locksmith Service Washington DC owns and operates a fleet of outfitted mobile locksmith units that are regularly sent out to provide technical help 24 hours a day in Washington, DC.

Who do we serve? In short – we serve every type of business. We’ve provided our specialist lock & locksmith security services to CEOs and medium-sized business owners, to office managers and national corporations:

  • Apartments
  • Banks/ Finance sector
  • MNCs
  • IT firms
  • Locksmith Service Washington DC Washington, DC 202-715-1348Hospitals/ Med-care centers
  • Entertainment complexes
  • Restaurants /Cafes
  • Resorts / Hotels / Motels /
  • Office buildings
  • Parking lots
  • Retail businesses
  • Shopping centers
  • Educational institutes
  • Community centers
  • Business outlets
  • Supermarkets

Locksmith Service Washington DC employs top security locksmith experts, and works to help them get even better at their jobs with in-house courses, and the conventions they attend of their own accord throughout the year. With this, we feel confident in advertising ourselves to the public as a locksmith security and locksmith provider that is second to none, with our employees capable of accurately assessing your needs and supplying the optimal locksmith solution to securing your commercial assets.

The technical members of the Locksmith Service Washington DC staff are, to the last person, capable of implementing the most advanced master key systems for the protection of your business. Always eager to learn as well as to help, they’ll work together with your own in-house team to understand the sensitive areas of your business, and conjure the most effective locksmith solution to protecting it from negative external influences. From hotels to restaurants, we can secure every door and window to optimize access – to your specifications.

If you’re like just about any other business, you’ve dealt with lost keys and broken locks at some point or another. Well, our digital lock system, which is rising in requests because of word-of-mouth of successful installations, eliminates the hassle. Forget the age-old metal key and lock; this system involves pass codes that are subject to your personal activation and deactivation, as you see fit and as the situation demands.

Our commercial customers in Washington have let us know that they’ve benefitted greatly from the many more options that the advanced locksmith security measures have afforded them. The high-security lock option, for instance, is one of the most popular ones, for obvious reasons of increased security and accountability. It is just one of the layers of defense we can implement to protect your business, so that you can actually sleep at night without worrying.

At Locksmith Service Washington DC you can find also these commercial locksmith services:

An overview of our commercial services:

  • Commercial locks rekeyingLocksmith Service Washington DC Washington, DC 202-715-1348
  • Crafting high-security keys
  • Setting up new magnetic locks
  • Robust multi-layered locking solutions
  • Restricted keyway systems for offices
  • Repairs and replacements on outdated locks
  • Programming and setup of digital locks
  • Detecting commercial security flaws
  • Emergency exit locks – panic locks, push bars installation
  • Key cutting, replication services
  • Locksmith services provided onsite
  • Master and surrogate keys for differential access
  • Sturdy deadbolt installations
  • Store lockouts
  • Latest high-security lock recommendations
  • Upgrades on old, inefficient lock systems
  • Swift resolves for commercial lockouts
  • Keypad-powered locks
  • Installation of unbreakable safe locks/ file cabinet locks
  • Emergency opening for office locks, windows, safes etc